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Boynton United FC Soccer Academy Competitive Travel Program Costs


Program Costs

Participation in the Competitive Travel program requires a fin
ancial commitment which can be broken down into the following categories: 

  • Registration Fee - This is an annual fee which covers the cost of the first league joined to play* and a portion of the administrative costs of the Club. 
  • Competitive Travel Program Fee - This annual/monthly fee covers the cost of outdoor training fields and lights, the cost of professional coaching for training sessions and games, soccer balls, and other training equipment needed. 
  • Tournament Expensesmay vary by tournament and are based on the number of players participating from each team as well as the location of tournaments.  Tournament fees can range between $50-200 per player depending on the number of registered players and the tournament cost. Each team will divide the cost of all registrations fees, and coach travel expenses equally among their members.  Generally, Tournament dates are provided in advance and unless EARLY notice of NO participation is given to the team manager, the player/parent IS REQUIRED to cover the tournament fees even if not attending the event.
  • League Expenses - may vary by league and are based on the number of players participating from each team. *The First league joined by the team is included with the registration fee. In the event that we would not participate in a league, a Tournament would be included instead.   
  • Referee Fees - may vary and are to be shared equally by all team members.

*** A late fee of $25 will be charged for any player that is 10 days or more late making a payment. 

Note: If paying by credit card, you will be charged a small credit card processing fee.

In the case of a returned check, the player/parent assumes all club and bank charges for returned checks due to NSF.  The minimum club charge is $25.00 per returned check.


ALL players/families within the Boynton United FC program agree to participate from August through May of each seasonal year. At a minimum, the program includes at least three practices and games or tournaments on the weekends. Families are expected to honor the commitment they make to their coach, team and Club as well as, their financial obligations. Families who do not pay their fees in a timely fashion will be listed as players in poor standing, disallowing them from participating with any Club programs until fees are brought current; Players may be benched until fees are paid.  Additionally, all club and team payments are to be paid in full even if players are unable to attend or participate due to injury or absence for any reason unless otherwise agreed upon and approved by the Boynton United FC Club.

Early Release

If a player wishes to be released from Boynton United FC (“BUFC”)  for any reason or transfer to another club prior to the end of the 2022/2023 season is over; the player/parent will be required to pay a release fee in the amount of $350.00 to BUFC in addition to fulfilling all of their financial obligations still owedto the club such as program fees for the entire season which lasts 10 months and runs thru May 31, 2023 before the release is granted. 



Uniforms for the 2022-2023 Season


Scholarships/Financial Aid Program

Scholarships are available to players who qualify, based on income guidelines set by the Club.  Scholarships are applied to club registration fees only (cannot be applied toward team fees).

The applicants will need to show serious commitment to the Competitive travel program, show dedication to the sport and be willing to participate in a community service program if asked. 

Refund Policy

All Club Fees are non-refundable


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903 North 8th Street 
Lantana, Florida 33462

Phone: 561-206-2754
Email: [email protected]


903 North 8th Street 
Lantana, Florida 33462

Phone: 561-206-2754
Email: [email protected]
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